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  • 04/04/2013 8:08pm @BootcampSydney (Sydney NSW)
    I have been training with Dangerously fit since October 2012, after a Winter of heavy food and wine, and spending too many hours in the office I started to gain weight - my clothes were getting very tight and I was feeling sluggish and tired. Joining Dang...
  • 11/08/2011 7:07pm @BootcampSydney (Rushcutters Bay )
    "I have lost 12 kilos... My stomach has flattened so much I sometimes don't recognise myself in the mirror!"
  • 10/23/2011 11:11pm @WorkoutQuest (Las Vegas)
    At age 47 I have more energy and am on my way to a size 4 I was trying hard to exercise and get in shape before my friend talked me into trying boot camp. I thought it would be too hard for at my age(47) and my lack of athletic ability! It was hard but it wa...
  • 10/19/2011 2:02pm @WorkoutQuest (Delgadillo)
    I lowered my body fat 4.6%, now my clothes fit better and some are even too big!! Before I came to boot camp I would go to the gym but I never saw any results so I was not as motivated to go on a regular basis. I never thought I could do something like a boo...

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